Composition – commercial

Since late 2012 I’ve been broadening my work spectrum into a more commercial field. Some examples of my latest work are below:

Calm opening of shakuhachi above sustained string chords, increasingly driven by strong harmonic pulse with robust percussion to climax with full orchestral sound at 38″ answered by an ambient response fading to close at 45″.

Serious yet gentle, measured strings support an evolving piano motif. The climax is delicately enhanced by high-quality choral samples. Engineered to facilitate re-editing to different visual cuts, the track was originally composed for an advert promoting the environmental impact of development in the Kimberley region, Western Australia.

(demo, d-minor, duration 45″) Regular pulse-driven opening with piano supertones above string harmonic foundation. The layers gradually move out of phase, then return for an enveloping culmination emoting positivity and optimistic strength.

Just a little fun clip for a one-minute segment exploring Broome (Western Australia) in the 1940s & ’50s, evoking a classic post-Dixieland style with piano, bass, guitar and kit.
Annoyingly catchy.

Throca Movousus is a short piece composed for symphony orchestra as a commercial demo highlighting melody, orchestration, and thematic development.

Throca Movousus (the title is gibberish from All’s Well that Ends Well) was recorded by the brilliant Baltic Sea Youth Philharmonic, conducted by myself. It’s a close-to-perfect recording, achieved in one straight run, after only ten minutes’ rehearsal.

Throca Movousus, duration 2’40”.
Recorded: Peenemünde (Usedom) Germany, September 2014